Butcher and Grill - In Hall Restaurant

Our man vs. food offering, get ready to fuel up on proper burgers, great British bangers and massive mixed grills. Customise your burger with one of our delicious toppings including smashed spiced avocado, smoked Cheddar cheese, lollo blonde lettuce, sliced beefeater tomato and top it off with our very own smokey “Edge” mayo.

Head to the Edge restaurant in halls 1,3 & 4 located in the Piazza and halls 9-12 and 17, 19 & 20 in the atrium side of the NEC where you will find the Butcher & Grill. 

What's on offer?

Meal Deal

Buy any burger and dessert for £14.95, saving up to £2.85

Take on

the Man Vs Food challenge

Customise your burger

your way

Plenty of seating to rest your legs

during a busy day