Authentic Street Food @theNEC

Our newest and most exciting concept opened in May 2019! 4 different units selling a selection tasty street food for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.

The Coffee bar serves up artisan coffee, juices and freshly baked pastries to get you started in the morning and as the afternoon vibes kick off from Str(eat) you may feel more in the mood for a sip of our tempting craft beers.

Inside, where the music is pumping, the kitchen will be cooking up a storm! Expect Str(eat) favourites grilled cheese sandwiches, fried chicken karrage and budda bowls on offer.

The menus change regularly and you can find Str(eat) beside hall 3 and will be open from 8am.

What's on offer?

Budda Bowl

our vegan concept for a daily bowl of goodness

Grilled Cheese

Hot sandwiches with lashings of melting cheese and meat combos

Meat Locker

depending on the cut of the day expect chicken karrage or low n slow meat tacos