Venue Protect

We live and breathe live events.

And a big part of bringing people together in our venues to do business and be entertained is to also ensure their safety and wellbeing.

As a responsible venue, the NEC is committed to providing safe venues with robust security, medical and welfare regimes in place. Whether you are a visitor, organiser, promoter, contractor, partner or a member of staff, here at the NEC, health and safety is always our top priority. We are constantly reviewing and improving what we do, we have implemented a framework designed for running organised gatherings in safe and controlled environments. This is called Venue Protect.

NEC - Updated April 22 VP wheel.png
NEC - Updated April 22 VP wheel.png

The measures that sit within Venue Protect are there to make any visit to our venue an enjoyable, safe and comfortable one.

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Our Venue Protect measures comprise of:

Further information

If you have questions regarding your upcoming event, please speak to your usual NEC contact or email us [email protected]

This information is correct as of April 2022.